We at Boca Leche are known for our cute bohemian style cloths and our famous Exuma Pants. It has been brought to our attention that there are a few companies that stole our photographs of our models and are using them to sell our Exuma Pants. These companies are NOT from the USA. These companies are NOT selling the same quality as ours. It is similar pattern but not the same. When you see them for less money it is not because they are cheaper it is because the quality is poor. To our loyal customers, new customers and customers that are thinking to purchase from them please BEWARE they are NOT our Exumas pants. The Companies are:






Ebay & Amazon

  The photos that you are seeing are our Exuma pants and the Exumas Pants from China, you can clearly see the difference. The one on the left the color is off, the size is way off, the fold down is sewn with a foam and the bottom has a skinny leg which cannot be cut down . Not to mention the material is super thin. The one on the right is ours and the color is bright, has a fold down that you can determine where you want the pants to be. Ours are super long and wide and can be cut down to any size. Our fabric is thicker and made in USA. We worked in creating these pants so they can fit any height or body type.

  We worked very hard to get the status of our Exumas, and we think it is SAD that companies have to SABOTAGE small businesses like us. Those models worked very hard and were proud to pose for Boca Leche NOT these other companies. They are local college students that we know personally. These companies had no right to steal and use them and profit from them. I hope when choosing between price and quality you choose quality. Not to mention we ship same day or next day. These companies takes weeks , if you even get them at all. We hope when choosing a company it will be us. If you have any comments or concerns feel free to email us(shopbocaleche@gmail.com)  text us or call us at (1-954-482-7777). We want every customer that crosses our path to be satisfied and happy. XOXO