About Us

Even from infancy, Boca Leche Boutique owner Olga was destined to be in the fashion industry, its in her blood. Having a visually stimulating childhood growing up in Europe Olga was always surrounded by a multitude of sewing machines, thousands of different types of fabrics and prints, and stacks of fashion drawings. Her mother, Ludmila, was a high class fashion patron maker in Europe with a client list that included world renowned movie stars and singers. Her aunt was a fashion fur designer in Europe as well. Olga fondly recalls watching her mother and aunt work and how she gathered so much knowledge and technique. Olga states that even to this day those memories still inspire her.

After finishing her primary schooling, Olga attended the prestigious Fashion Institute of St. Petersburg. Upon graduation from this program, she was immediately sought after to work in a fashion salon in Europe, and through that opportunity she was able to work on a number of fashion shows through out Europe as well. The experience of working with a variety of extremely talented designers and fashion professionals fueled Olga in pursing her career and sharpening her own talents in the fashion industry. It was not long before Olga was called upon by the New Fashion Fur Factory of Manhattan and requested that she become employed with their distinguished company. Olga, excited about the inspiration she could derive from the famous New York City ,accepted.

In 2001, Olga met leather working artist and now husband Joseph and her life has grown exceedingly with joy and happiness. The couple chose to move to Fort Lauderdale ,FL because Olga found so much beauty in the ocean, weather, and people of South Florida. It was in Fort Lauderdale that Olga stumbled upon the boutique named Boca Leche. She remembers the first time she walked into Boca Leche and recalls having this feeling of fate.In an instant after admiring the free spirited and almost effortless clothing that lined the walls ;she knew that she wanted to be owner of Boca Leche, and that was exactly what she did. Now as Owner of Boca Leche, Olga still attends various fashion shows and is constantly on the look out for new inspiration to add to the Boca Leche line and boutique. On Olga's mind is always how she can stay fashion forward and how she can produce the best shopping experience for her customers.