Hippie Damsel Exumas


The great things about these exumas, they are for all ages and body types. Not just for the young crowd. You can be conservative to boho with pants. Don't let the colors scare you. Put a solid top with cute sandals, wedges, or flip flops depending on your mood. Enjoy!!!!!!

They are 35 " long inseam . 

For a simple size guide we give you this 

5"1 to 5'7 and weighs between 100 to 125lbs we suggest a small. 

5'4 to 5 whatever, and weighs 125 to 140lbs  we do suggest a medium , unless you would like it to really rock your behind then go smaller. 

5"4 to 5 whatever and weighs more than 140lbs we suggest a large. 

The length does not change with the size. 

 If you do want a tighter fit on the behind , we suggest going a size smaller than our suggestions. These are meant to be very wide legged